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Edward AKA Grizz Richard Molter

August 16, 1963 – December 04, 2023


Obituary For Edward AKA Grizz Richard Molter

Edward Richard Molter, age 60, passed away from congestive heart failer / pulmonary fibrosis in his Seatac home on 12/04/2023 at 3:58 am with his spouse Jorja Molter by his side.

Edward was born August 16,1963 to his mother Dava and father Phil.

Edward lived in Lompoc California as a child before moving to Washington State with his mother Dava where he attended school.

Edward went into the Marine Corp in 1982 and served his country as a truck driver and earned his Riffle Sharp Shooter Badge his Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and his Good Conduct Medal, he served for 3 years active duty and 3 years inactive.

In 1987, Edward joined his mother Dava and stepfather Rocky with a membership to the George Town Eagles where they spent many nights playing darts and joining South West Seattle Dart League.

Edward enjoyed playing darts, he played on multiple teams and along the way his buddies started calling him “Grizz”. Grizz was part of the South West Seattle Dart League and had earned many accolades over the years. S.W.S.D.L was part of the many leagues that where under the umbrella of Washington State Soft Tip Dart Association where Grizz worked as the “Security Team” at the W.S.S.T.D.A. State Shoot that was held at the Propeller Club in fife for many years, teams came to play there from all over the state twice a year. It was here where Grizz and Jorja met in 1992 in June.

Grizz loved darts so much he put together “Dart Clinics” to teach new players how to play the game in the back room of the White Center eagles. Grizz and Jorja spent many hours playing darts at the White Center Eagles which in turn was a perfect venue for his packed house “Karaoke” proposal which lead to a July 4th 1997 Wedding.

Grizz eventually was told his ranking was too high to continue to play in S.W.S.D.L. competitively, so in 1995, he went to South End Dart League where he played for a while. Then to keep things interesting Grizz joined a Steel Tip Dart League and started making more friends, he did a lot of traveling past Seattle to new bar locations, which he was able to bring in new Soft Tip dart players.

Grizz, for more competition, moved to K.C.S.T.D.A. where his “family” of friends grew. KING COUNTY SOFT TIP DART ASSOCIATION made him feel right at home.

A special person by the name of Harry Buckman who was very active with the dart players took Grizz under his wing and talked him into joining the International Pirates, a special group of people who played instruments and entertained children at Ronald McDonald houses and Senior Centers. So Grizz jumped at the chance to make people happy, he had no problem “talking like a pirate” so he fit right in. For years Grizz and Jorja entertained with the International Pirates group.

When Harry and Pauline decided to move to Ocean Shores it changed everything. Harry decided to sit Grizz down and have a talk with him about taking over his Santa Gigs here in Seattle. Grizz was all in. Jorja got the sewing machine out and started to create his (First) Santa suit.

As Harry got settled in in Ocean Shores Wa, a new Pirate Chapter was created. Ocean Shores Pirates was born and Grizz and Jorja were Founding members as well as other International Pirates that wanted to spread the love to keep the fun going.

Grizz and Jorja spent a lot of time camping with friends and family and many trips to Ocean Shores Wa where they entertained as pirates with the group(s) International Pirates and Ocean Shores Pirates and getting things started in West Port for the annual Rusty Scupper Pirate Daze.

During the Christmas Season, Grizz and Jorja decided to do Santa Photos at the North Seatac Community Center. This decision started a cascading event that snowballed into many locations for photos and many personal appearances from Santa which included people from around the globe who were here in Washington State visiting, Santa didn’t stop at just people he also took photos with horses, dogs, lizards and parrots, Grizz was happy to take a photo with anyone who stopped him on the street and asked him for a picture, both with the pirates and as Santa. These events also snowballed into Dart fundraising for families in need at Christmas time, where our Dart Family got together and took families to Fred Meyers to shop for food and toys with Santa. One year, Grizz and Jorja, worked with Marine Corp Toys for Tots and collected donations and went to Toys R Us and shopped until we had a Rontra truck full of toys then Santa and his Elves took them down to Kiro 7 in Seattle to drop them off for their toy drive.

Santa made children smile for about 25 years!

Grizz worked at Furney’s Nursery, and Pizza Hut, but he was very proud to finally get a job in 1987 with BPI after walking there every day to see if they had an opening. He earned many awards and achievements and worked there for 18 years until the company moved to North Carolina. At that time Grizz moved on to Compton Lumber where Steve Compton welcomed him like family. When hard times hit in 2009 Grizz was laid off, but decided to turn a negative into a positive and he went to trucking school to get his CDL and Dump Truck training. He then moved on to Bralco Metals, and Rontra and it never seemed to be the right fit. Then Compton Lumber called him back to work. Compton Lumber felt like home to him so he stayed there until he ended up in the hospital with a terminal diagnosis.

Edward Richard Molter is survived by his father Phil Molter, his wife Jorja Molter, and his son Andrew Molter, and aunts, uncles and cousins across the USA

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