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Cady Cremation Services and Funeral Home

Cady Cremation Services & Funeral Home is respectful, dignified and economical.

We are a family owned and operated cremation service and funeral home.

We have been serving families fairly, honestly and professionally for over 23 years

Compassionate & Inexpensive Cremation Services

Making arrangements after losing a loved one shouldn't add an additional burden. Let us take care of everything.

Family-Owned & Operated for 23+ Years

From our family to yours. We understand what it means to lose a loved one. That's why we've been compassionately serving our community for over 23 years.


Cady's offers both international and domestic shipping of urns and caskets. Additionally, we'll work with your life insurance policy and you can convieniently make arrangements via fax or phone.

What Special Service can we help you with today?

All faiths are welcomed at Cady. We provide options for witnessing cremation, dressing the deceased, and an area for blessing those who have passed.

We also offer scattering on beautiful Puget Sound as an option. We can arrange scattering almost anywhere.

Cady’s also offers international and domestic shipping of urns and caskets.

We serve all cemeteries in Washington.
We will work with your life insurance policy.
We offer phone and fax arrangements for your convenience.

About Cady Cremation Services & Funeral Home

At Cady Cremation Services & Funeral Home you will find that our dedicated facility and licensed, professional staff will provide your family with the highest level of service at a fair, honest price. Why pay for the high overhead of funeral homes designed to support full traditional burial services?

Our dedicated and compassionate staff provides you with the services you expect at less expense inside of our fully furnished facility. There is no need to pay for the extra costs imposed by other funeral homes that offer traditional and complete burial services. We welcome customers from the surrounding areas of Kent WA, Federal Way WA, Auburn WA & Renton WA 

Our goal is to provide families an affordable option to care for their loved ones. Whether you choose cremation or burial, our staff is licensed and experienced.

We are honored to help our Veterans. We have all the paperwork and forms needed in our office. We work closely with Tahoma National Cemetery to provide all honors and services.

At Cady Cremation Services, we strive to make everything clear and understandable. That’s why you won’t find any hidden costs, and everything is explained in writing. We make it as stress-free as possible for you during an already difficult time.

We look forward to the honor of serving your family.

Low-Cost Cremation Services at Cady’s

We are here to provide you and your family with a more affordable option for the care of your loved one in the event of his or her passing. Our dedicated professionals are full licensed and have the experience necessary to serve your needs during this difficult time, regardless of whether you choose cremation or burial.

At Cady Cremation Services, we are also honored and proud to offer services to our veterans and their loved ones. We retain all of the required paperwork and forms required to properly recognize their service. Our staff works closely with Tahoma National Cemetery to ensure veterans and their families are given the proper services and honor they are due.

We are committed to serving you and your needs during this difficult time. Our staff is here to accommodate you in every way possible, making the process understandable, clear, and without any unnecessary added burden or stress. We provide a full explanation about our process in writing. We also do not burden you with any hidden costs.

We are honored to serve your family.

Serving The Surrounding Areas of Kent, WA


Our Customers Know we care!

Malisa Thompson
Malisa Thompson
We recieved great service here. Great prices and just over all great. Thank you Tarnen for helping us along the way.
Laura Franze
Laura Franze
In response to florin’s review. I am the daughter of that patient. What isn’t told in that review is that cady was doing a tissue donation transfer that was time sensitive and I was ok with whatever time they were going to be there to pick up my mother because cady had cremated my moms father and we wanted to have cady cremate my mom too. The nursing home was rude to cady and called them heartless when that is the furthest from the truth and they didn’t say anything to me about there being a issue over what time cady would be picking up my mother. The owner of cady called me and explained what was happening and how rude/nasty the nursing home was to them. Cady explained they were down in Aberdeen Washington doing a tissue donation transfer. They were uncomfortable with the nursing home and almost didn’t go get my mother because of how the nursing home was treating them. This wouldve devastated my grandma who wanted her daughter cremated at the same place her (husband/my moms father) was. I explained this to cady and told them I had no problem with the time frame and how important it was for them to cremate my mother. Cady did everything they could to pick her up sooner then 8hrs including calling their back up driver who couldn’t get her until the morning. After all this cady still managed to pick up my mother before the original time they said they could be there even after how rude Queen Anne nursing home was to them. My family and I are forever grateful for cady cremation and funeral home for going above and beyond what they needed to do for my mother. I’m extremely satisfied with the service and the care they have provided our family/mother and how down to earth, caring and understanding of what my family is going through. If I could I’d give them more then 5 stars and I will be recommending them to anyone in need of a funeral or cremation service.
wheeler anthony
wheeler anthony
I just to say thank you so much to the Cady cremation team. They were so helpful during our family's hard time. They took more calls from us then they should have and were helpful every time. Price was very reasonable
Laura Brown
Laura Brown
Taren handled all of our arrangements and was open, honest, and very easy to talk to. The facility itself is nothing too fancy, and that was perfect for us. They offer incredible keepsakes at very reasonable prices. Special requests were not a problem but there was never pressure to do anything we did not need or want. This facility also works flawlessly with the Tahoma National Cemetery. Hope you don't need them, but in case you do - our experience could not have been better.
Jennifer Kilcullen
Jennifer Kilcullen
There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Cady Cremation. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. My dad passed suddenly last month and I had to find a funeral home and start making arrangements that day. Throughout this difficult time, I was treated with respect and guided through each step in the process with ease. Miranda and Aela especially- thank you so much for everything. It makes me tear up knowing my dad was handled with such great care. It was worth coming all the way from California. Thank you

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sorry for your loss but we’re truly honored that you chose us to help you through it. Explore our many resources to assist you during this time. Don’t see what you need? Give us a call at 800-954-9672, or send us a message using our contact form and we’ll get back to you soon.

Cremation is popular these days. With several companies vying for your attention, it is important to look carefully at the character of each before making any decision. Begin by researching each option.

Find the company’s website. Read its testimonials and follow them up with phone calls. Look on other sites for reviews and see what previous clients have to say about their services. Doing this will give you a feel of whether the company is reputable or not.

Talk directly to a company representative. Visit when possible. Ask questions and listen carefully to what he or she has to say about their services. Do they try to sell you more than you want? Are they inflating prices? These will indicate reputability.

Get in touch with our agents and arrange a visit. We are here to help you during a difficult time and will spend the time to answer honestly any questions you may have.

Choosing between cremation and burial is a deeply personal decision. Factors to consider include religious or cultural beliefs, budget, environmental concerns, and preferences of the deceased or their family. Our compassionate staff is here to guide you through the decision-making process and provide information to help you make the choice that best honors your loved one.

We offer a range of funeral services, including traditional funerals, cremation services, memorial services, and pre-planning options. Our team is dedicated to helping you honor your loved one in a way that is meaningful to you and your family.

Yes, many funeral homes offer pre-planning services where you can make arrangements for your own funeral in advance. This allows you to ensure your wishes are followed and can provide peace of mind for your loved ones.